This is a showcase of some of the many products we use with short descriptions of its features and uses.
For more information about a specific product, visit the respective manufacturers web site.

3 Tab Roofing Shingle
Ex. CertainTeed Seal King; GAF Sovereign
Vinyl Lap Siding
Ex. CertainTeed Mainstreet; CertainTeed Monogram
Most basic and most commonly used type of asphalt roofing shingle. Available in a large variety of colors with 25 or 30 year warranty. Most common and most cost effective type of siding used on the market today. Available in many colors and textures. Comes with a lifetime warranty.
Dimmensional Shingle
Ex. CertainTeed Landmark; CertainTeed Horizon; GAF Timberline
Heavy Gage Vinyl Shake Siding
Ex. CertainTeed cedar Impressions; Nailite
Also known as architectural or Timberline shingle. They are laminated from 2 or more separate layers of material making it into one solid panel which imitates the random look of natural cedar shakes.These are slightly higher in price with warrantys from 25 yrs. to lifetime. This heavy gage, seamless, vinyl siding is made to resamble authentic wood shakes in three main styles: perfection, half round and hand split. It is more expensive alternative to standard siding but it is also more attractive in appearance. Lifetime warranty.
Designer/Architectural Shingle
Ex. CertainTeed Carriage House; CertainTeed Hatteras; GAF Country Mansion; GAF Slateline
Fiber Cement Siding
Ex. CertainTeed WeatherBoard; JamesHardie Hardie Plank
Top of the line asphalt roofing shingle, comes at a premium price. It is available in limited number of colors with lifetime warranty and higher wind resistance. Relativly new product in our area, made from layers of cement and fiberglass. It comes in a large variety of styles, from common clapboard, staggerd edge shake to half rouned fishscale. This product can be factory painted in any color with 25 year finish warranty. Fiber cement is quickly gaining popularity due to its unmatched fireproof properties.
Slate and Tile
Ex. Evergreen Slate; Majestic Slate; Royal Slate; Owens Corning Mira Vista
Natural Cedar Wood Siding
Ex. Anglo American Cedar; Teal Cedar
This category includes a large number of natural and synthetic slate and tile products. The most durable natural stone slate or ceramic tile comes with a high price tag and requires strong roof construction due to its heavy weight. Synthetic slate is made from fibrglass or plastic materials, it is much lighter and easier to install. One of the oldest siding materials ever used, offering distinctive traditianal look. It can be used untreated showing it's natural wood beauty or it can be factory stained. It is available in various styles such as: standard Clapboard, Narrow Sawn Shingle or Hand Split Shake.
Metal Roofing
Ex. Atas Metal Roofing
Metal Siding
Ex. Alcoa; Gentec
Metal roofing is usually associated with commercial buildings such as werehouses, hotels or restaurants. As a result of new designs however it is more and more often used as a choice for residential homes. It offers outstanding protection from the weather elements, it is recommended for colder climates with stronger winds and it is avaiable in many colors and designs. Aluminum and steel siding is less popular residential siding material. It is a poor heat insulator and it is more sensitive to mechanical dents and damage. Metal siding however has one advantage! It is a much better fireproofer than vinyl or wood siding, which is often the requirement of local building codes. It is available in fewer styles and colors than its vinyl copetitor.
Cedar Wood Roofing
Ex. Anglo American Cedar; Teal Cedar
Siding and Trim Accesories
Ex. MidAmerica
Natural wood cedar offers very distinctive and traditional look. It comes in several styles, ranging in size and thickness. It is also available treated against moisture or for fire retardancy. Comes with a warranty of 20 years and up. This includes various accessories such as: architectural trim, shutters, gable vents, roof ventilation and different types of mounting accessories.
Flat Roofing
Ex. GAF Rubberoid; Firestone
Gutters & Leaders; Fascia; Flashing etc.
These materials are used on roofs with very low or no pitch. These material come in a lot of variations with many different applications. Gutters and leaders come in a range of sizes from standard residential to industrial, made of either aluminum, copper or steel. Every roofing and siding job also requires certain number of flashings or custom bent trim items. These elements are often very little or not visible but extremaly important and can cause a lot of headache if not properly installed.
Replacing old windows is a whole lot more than just improving the look and ease of operation. New replacement windows greatly increase the resale value of your home and provide improved insulation which lowers heating and cooling costs. Among many recognized manufacturers such as Andersen, Pella, Marvin and others, we install vinyl replacement windows by Simonton. Simonton windows offer reliable strength and performance as well as advanced energy efficiencies like Low-E/Argon glass, triple weatherstripping or triple stepped sill.